Bulk Bag Discharge Systems for Powder & Bulk Materials

Bulk Bag Discharge Systems for Powder & Bulk Materials

VAC-U-MAX Bulk Bag Discharge Systems offer a wide variety of options to meet specific bag sizes, bag handling requirements, and bulk material characteristics. System is specifically designed to provide an easy, clean and economical way to discharge the entire contents of bulk and semi-bulk bags, especially when the bulk material is less than free flowing. Option for loss-in-weight feeding into pneumatic conveying system or directly to process is also available. Bulk Bag Discharger utilizes proprietary pneumatically operated massage paddles on all four sides, to help with dust-free flow promotion of difficult flowing bulk materials.

Bulk bags are loaded into the Bulk Bag Discharger in three ways:

  1. Via hoist and modernized trolley
  2. Via fork lift and a VAC-U-MAX lifting frame
  3. Using existing hoist and “I” Beam, eliminating the upper frame of the bulk bag unloader.

Unit is constructed from a heavy-duty welded tubular frame with Lift-Off Guards protecting plant personnel, and includes a Lift-Out Corner Panel and Quick Release Petals on activator unit for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Other bulk material discharge options include Pick-Up Adapter, Screw Discharger or Rotary Valve Discharge. A standard VAC-U-MAX Pick-Up Adapter attaches to the bottom of the Bulk Bag Unloader, and is used exclusively with a vacuum conveying system. There are no moving parts and it is easily removed for maintenance. A VAC-U-MAX Screw Discharger is used where weighing is involved, or when bulk materials are non-free flowing. Features of the VAC-U-MAX Screw Discharger include heavy-duty construction hollow gear bore, variable frequency drives, and augers designed specifically for the application. Other discharge options include Rotary Valve Discharge which aids in the direct charging of a process vessel, fed via a positive pressure convey line, or metered feed in a vacuum conveying system.


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