NEW! Bag Dump Station with Dust Collector and Bag Compactor

NEW! Bag Dump Station with Dust Collector and Bag Compactor

VAC-U-MAX now offers a Bag Dump Station system with integral dust collector, single shaft lump breaker and pneumatic bag compactor. Unit is available in Carbon Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, and an option for USDA Sanitary Construction. The Bag Compactor connects directly to either side of the Bag Dump Station and has a “mail box” access door for easy maintenance. System can be used in any configuration, with pneumatic convey system, aeromechanical, flexible auger or gravity feed into process.


  • Engineered for easy cleaning.
  • "Unitized" body is fabricated with fewest possible welds with minimal bends and corner welds.
  • Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel or carbon steel.
  • Body is supported by separate, strong frame made from square tubing with no crevices for material to accumulate.
  • Sturdy, easily removable grate provides rigid surface for bag slitting and dumping, ample open area for material to drop into body.
  • Optional magnetic grate to retain unwanted ferrous material.
  • Integral dust hood with gas spring assisted lift-up door. Can be furnished with integral dust collector; air actuated low pressure valve with tubular outlet to connect more than one station to remote dust collection system; or plain tubular outlet.
  • Baffle inside hood directs air and dust downward and to the rear and is removable for cleaning without requiring tools.
  • Integral dust collector features bags which hook and snap in place and are serviced from the clean side. No glued-in gaskets, even on the large access door. Dual pulse filter cleaning.
  • Door interlock switch actuates dust collector fan or low pressure valve on hood when door is opened.
  • Discharge can be furnished with:
    • Flanged outlet or other arrangement to mate to customer's process equipment or gravity chute
    • Exclusive VAC-U-MAX pickup adapter with air control slide valve and intake filter to introduce material into a vacuum pneumatic conveying system
    • Chisel bottom screw discharger, with or without flexible walls
    • Rotary airlock valve
    • Rotary agitated discharger
  • Vibrator mount is standard on the body. Vibrator is optional. 

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