VAC-U-MAX Exhibits OSHA-Compliant Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems for High Volume HEPA-Filtered Silica Dust Recovery - PRECAST SHOW 2017 - March 2-4, Huntington Conv Center, Cleveland, Ohio, Booth 297

VAC-U-MAX Exhibits OSHA-Compliant Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems for High Volume HEPA-Filtered Silica Dust Recovery - PRECAST SHOW 2017 - March 2-4, Huntington Conv Center, Cleveland, Ohio, Booth 297

BELLEVILLE, NJ USA (February 3, 2017) – VAC-U-MAX formally announces exhibition at THE 2017 PRECAST SHOW, March 2-4 at the Huntington Convention Center, Cleveland, Ohio, Booth 297, exhibiting the latest advances in Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems for the Precast Concrete Industry. THE 2017 PRECAST SHOW is the largest precast-specific trade event in North America, uniting attendees with suppliers and equipment experts as part of NPCA and PCI. A leader in minimizing silica dust and other hazardous and combustible dust exposure, VAC-U-MAX Booth 297 will feature Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for high volume recovery of even the finest dusts, utilizing HEPA Filtration of Respirable Hazardous Dusts. VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Cleaning Systems support compliance with OSHA Regulations and Best Hygiene Practices.

In addition to providing health and compliance benefits for the Precast Industry, high-powered HEPA vacuums reach concrete form areas that have not been cleaned in ages. Deep-cleaning of forms reveals smooth surfaces that enhance the consumer side of precast products and ensures a tight fit for mating surfaces. Using a HEPA vacuum system also eliminates the "false cleaning" of compressed air blow-off. VAC-U-MAX industrial vacuum cleaning product range includes electric and air-powered, non-electric systems that operate on the Venturi Principal, creating vacuum suction without motors or moving parts - an “Intrinsically Safe System” for applications requiring clean-up of abrasive and dusty cement particles.

For more information visit Equipment on display in Booth 297 includes: 

VAC-U-MAX MDL1020 Continuous-Duty Industrial VAC: Up to 5 Tons of Dry Cement Pr/Hr

VAC-U-MAX MDL1020 Continuous-Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner features a powerful positive displacement pump designed specifically for high volume recovery of up to 5 tons of Dry Cement per hour. Versatility and portability of the MDL1020 allows ease-of-use anywhere in a cement plant, with easy maneuvering by a single operator. Noise levels are below OSHA standard, with units available in 10HP and 15HP versions, with hose sizes of 2.5” or 3” in diameter. Typical cement cleaning applications incorporate a 55-Gallon Intercept above a 1 or 2 cubic yard Self-Dumping Hopper that is easily transportable. The MDL1020 offers a Leaf-Type PTFE filter rated 99.9% efficient at 1 micron per 30 square feet of surface area, and a secondary filter cartridge as standard. The MDL1020 is ideal for applications requiring high efficiency filtration of fine silica dust. 

VAC-U-MAX MDL500 Continuous-Duty, Bagging & HEPA-Filtration: Finest Powders & Dusts 

VAC-U-MAX MDL500 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is designed to reduce operator exposure to even the finest powders and dusts. This continuous-duty vacuum is equipped with a continuous-bagging system that eliminates manual dumping of drums or collection containers. The MDL500 contains a unique filter cleaning system that eliminates the need for compressed-air and solenoid controls. The MDL500 is equipped with a 50-square foot PTFE Primary Filter, and a standard HEPA Secondary Filter. System features a 5HP vacuum producer (260 CFM), with standard 2" hose connection for use by one operator, or 1.5" hose and tools for use by two operators. The MDL500 provides faster discharge times of collected dust and debris, with closed bags preventing fugitive dust clouds.

VAC-U-MAX MDL55DAF Twin-Venturi, HEPA Filtration Industrial VAC: Air-Operated, No Electric Required

VAC-U-MAX MDL55DAF Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is designed for any 16 gauge, 55-gallon carbon steel drum, incorporating a Twin-Venturi System and powerful HEPA Filtration of even the finest dusts. Unit features an extra-large PTFE coated primary dust filter rated 99.9% efficient at 1 micron, with absolute HEPA filter cartridge rated at 99.97% efficient at 0.3 micron. The MDL55DAF features maximum suction power of 16” HG (208” H20), with 200 SCFM maximum air flow. Noise levels are below 79 DBA @ 6” HG, within OSHA noise level standards, with overall unit weighing 85 pounds.

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