VAC-U-MAX Exhibits “Plug-and-Play Vacuum Convey” Systems for Food Ingredient Transfer to Processing and Packaging Lines and Air-Driven Combustible Dust Vacs at ProFood Tech 2017, April 4-6, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, Booth 1132


BELLEVILLE, NJ USA (March 9, 2017) – VAC-U-MAX announces exhibition at ProFood Tech 2017, PMMI’s new biennial food and beverage processing event powered by Pack Expo, Anuga and IDFA, that will be held April 4-6, 2017, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL Booth 1132, where VAC-U-MAX will exhibit “Plug-and-Play Vacuum Convey“ Systems for Food Ingredient Transfer to Processing and Packaging Lines. Specializing in the design, manufacture, engineering and automation of food processes, VAC-U-MAX combines state-of-the art electronic technology with innovative mechanical and pneumatic conveying technologies, designing systems for conveying, weighing, and batching of over 10,000 various bulk materials. Experts at both conveying and cleaning combustible dusts, VAC-U-MAX will also exhibit specialty industrial vacuum cleaning equipment for cleaning fine dusty debris via air-powered, non-electric industrial vacuum cleaners. 


Equipment on display includes: 

“Plug-and-Play” Receipt-to-Process Vacuum Conveying Systems for Food Ingredients 

VAC-U-MAX Systems are designed to convey a wide range of food ingredients including powders, flakes, pellets, tablets, coffee, nuts, beans, raisins and other materials like bottle caps, glue chips, and corks. Each “Ready-to-Operate” VAC-U-MAX System consist of five components: pick-up point, convey tubing, vacuum receiver, vacuum producer, and UL-Listed controls, all working in unison, moving bulk ingredients from plant receipt to processing or packaging line. VAC-U-MAX controls dictate the amount of time the system conveys product to-and-from the receiver to the process. Visit VAC-U-MAX Booth 1132 for a working demonstration.      

Sanitary Vacuum Conveying for Powders and Combustible Dusts:  FDA/ USDA, 3A-Dairy Accepted 

Serving the global Food, Pet Food, Snack Food, Tortilla, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industries since 1954, VAC-U-MAX sanitary receivers offer the most versatile solution for the handling of free and non-free flowing powders and other dusty and difficult-to-convey ingredients. VAC-U-MAX systems offer continuous and/or batch conveying for many applications including hopper loading, auger / feeder refill, blender / mixer loading, batch weighing, tablet press loading, or any application that requires a high level sanitary design, frequent cleaning, or material-from-air separation. Many configurations are available dependent on conveying applications. All food and pharmaceutical equipment is constructed from 316L Stainless Steel and USDA accepted, with convey rates ranging from 500 pounds (227 kg) per hour to 5,000 pounds (2,268 kg) per hour and beyond. A variety of discharge valves types and finishes are available.

Utilizing Pneumatic, Mechanical, and Flexible Screw Conveying for In-Plant Bulk Material Transfer

VAC-U-MAX offers a full range of bulk material handling solutions incorporating pneumatic, aero-mechanical, and flexible screw conveying technologies. VAC-U-MAX systems are designed to deliver flexibility, integration, efficiency and dust-free operation with little or no human interface, particularly where combustible dusts are a concern. VAC-U-MAX is a UL-listed designer and fabricator of control panels for general purpose and hazardous locations, with control systems configured to control a wide range of bulk ingredients and conveying technologies.

VAC-U-MAX Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems: Minimizing Combustible Dust Exposure


VAC-U-MAX invented the world's first industrial vacuum cleaner, powered by compressed air in 1954 – first designed for combustible dust and high suction required by textile mills in New Jersey. The variable orifice venturi allows operation with the lowest air consumption on the market. Utilizing no electricity, no motors creating spark, VAC-U-MAX air-driven vacuum cleaners are the ideal solution for cleaning combustible dusts.

NEW addition to VAC-U-MAX Combustible Dust Vacuum Cleaner product line! The Model 15   

VAC-U-MAX presents the newest member of its Combustible Dust Vacuum Cleaner product line. This new model avoids expensive electrical components and uses the VAC-U-MAX venturi power unit, proven to have the lowest compressed air consumption in its product class. The Model 15 fills a niche between VAC-U-MAX’s 5-gallon hand-held vacuum and the 30-gallon model for combustible dusts. Model 15 is designed for fine powders with a static-conductive PTFE primary filter and secondary cartridge filter. Unit collects powder in off-the-shelf static-conductive polybags which eliminates the mushroom cloud that comes with drum dumping. Standard construction is 304SS/316SS with a bead-blast finish and is suitable for food environments. The Model 15 is also equipped with static-conductive compressed air hose, casters, ATEX-certified vacuum hose and complete cleaning tool kit.

Model 40008: Stainless Steel Combustible Dust Vacuum Cleaner for Fine Powders – Air Powered – No electricity!   
Vacuum cleaner features pulse-jet filter cleaning system for Class II, Division 2 environments. The 55-gallon air-powered unit is completely grounded and bonded, meeting NFPA 70 requirements. VAC-U-MAX air-powered vacuums do not use electricity and do not generate heat, meeting the definition of an “intrinsically safe system”.

Model 40012: Combustible Dust Air-Powered Vacuum Cleaner for Fine Powders – No electricity!   
Vacuum cleaner features pulse-jet filter cleaning system for Class II, Division 2 environments. The 55-gallon air-powered unit is completely grounded and bonded, meeting NFPA 77 requirements. VAC-U-MAX air-powered vacuums do not use electricity and do not generate heat, meeting the definition of an “intrinsically safe system”. Units are available in singe (30 & 55) and twin venture (55 only). 

Model 850: Continuous-Bagging System for Fine Powders
The VAC-U-MAX Model 850 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is designed to reduce operator exposure to fine powders and dusts, improving material handling of dusty debris. This continuous-duty vacuum is equipped with a continuous bagging system that eliminates dumping of a drum or rigid collection container. Closed bags prevent fugitive dust clouds, with unit containing a unique filter cleaning system that eliminates the need for compressed air and solenoid controls. Primary filters are non-stick and secondary filters are standard

About VAC-U-MAX:
Since 1954, VAC-U-MAX has provided processing and packaging automation solutions for bulk material handling for all industries, incorporating pneumatic, aero-mechanical and flexible screw conveying technologies and process know-how. Developing the world’s first industrial vacuum cleaner operating only on compressed air, product range includes a full line of industrial vacuum cleaning systems for many types of materials including combustible dusts. For more information, please visit our website at or email or call (800) VAC-U-MAX.   

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