VAC-U-MAX is “Readers’ Choice” and Receives Highest Score for “Recall Seeing” from Powder & Bulk Solids Magazine’s “Baxter Ad Performance Study”

(BELLEVILLE, NJ - June 2, 2017)  VAC-U-MAX proudly announces, “Readers’ Choice” position, receiving the highest score for “Recall Seeing” from Powder & Bulk Solids Magazine’s “Baxter Ad Performance Study”, citing VAC-U-MAX’s advertisement as the highest recalled advertisement, with a score of 86%. The Powder and Bulk Solids reading audience recalled seeing the VAC-U-MAX ad or reading it the most, out of all advertisements. The “Recall Seeing” score reports the total percentage of respondents that indicate they had been exposed to the VAC-U-MAX advertisement by either seeing it or reading it. The “Baxter Ad Performance Study” is conducted via email with sample selected from Powder and Bulk Solids Magazine’s qualified circulation list.

Since 1983, Powder & Bulk Solids has provided information on innovative technologies for the dry particulate and bulk solids handling industries, focusing on products, equipment, systems and services. The adViewPlus   ad study reports demonstrate ad performance in the context of the three steps: exposure, engagement and involvement. As part of that study, “Recall Seeing” refers to the ability of an ad or editorial item to attract the respondent’s attention.

VAC-U-MAX, a worldwide leader in bulk material handling and industrial vacuum cleaning, scored highly in the categories of Conveyors/ Mechanical and Conveyors/ Pneumatic in both print and digital advertising.    
VAC-U-MAX also scored 86% in the Packaging & Bagging Equipment category. Additionally, the survey asked respondents questions about the VAC-U-MAX ad, with favorable responses focused on the ad’s design, messaging and engineering focus. 

“VAC-U-MAX is known in the industry for its engineered solutions for bulk material handling, and Powder and Bulk Solids“Baxter Ad Performance Study” supports the industries position on this,” said Doan Pendleton, Vice President at VAC-U-MAX. “We are excited to learn more about and hear from the process industry, and will continue to focus on providing solutions, application experience, and engineering know-how,” said Mr. Pendleton. 

VAC-U-MAX provides the most versatile solutions for handling free and non-free flowing powders and other bulk materials, with many configurations available dependent on the vacuum conveying application. VAC-U-MAX Bulk Material Handling systems offer a variety of discharge valves and finishes, and all vacuum receivers meet the rigid requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. Conveying rates range from 500 to 25,000 pounds per hour and beyond, for applications including batch weighing, loading tablet press machines, mix tanks, blenders, hoppers, filling machines and loss-in-weight feeder refill. A UL-listed designer and manufacturer of control panels, all VAC-U-MAX pneumatic conveying equipment is furnished with integrated control packages that provide maximized efficiency and coordination of bulk material movement in batching, processing and packaging applications, with tie in capabilities to existing control systems. 

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