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VAC-U-MAX previewed operational vacuum conveying displays including VAC-U-MAX's Signature SeriesTM Vacuum ReceiversFeeder Refill Systems, and Combustible Dust Vacuum Cleaners. The Signature Series (1500 Series & 3500 Series) vacuum convey powders and granular materials from handfuls to 3500 lbs/hr (1600 kg/hr), with VAC-U-MAX offering vacuum conveying solutions up to 25,000 pounds per hour. A subject expert on combustible dusts, VAC-U-MAX also previewed the CD Series combustible dust industrial vacuum cleaners which are compressed-air powered (non-electric) and ATEX certified. VAC-U-MAX product offerings include vacuum conveyingaero-mechanical and flexible screw conveying systems, bulk bag unload/loading systemsmobile conveying systems and full range of portable, continuous-duty and central vacuum cleaning systems

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