Thank you for visiting VAC-U-MAX at Extrusion 2019, Rosemont, IL!

Thank you for visiting VAC-U-MAX Booth 317 at Extrusion 2019, a Plastics Technology event.  

Since 1954, VAC-U-MAX has perfected processes, moving powders and difficult to convey materials to compounding and extrusion lines. Whether refilling volumetric or gravimetric feeders, gravimetric blenders, or for continuous extrusion applications, VAC-U-MAX components and systems MAXimize processes by continuously conveying powders, fibers, flakes, wood flour, pigments and granular materials for extrusion and compounding applications.   

At the event, VAC-U-MAX presented a technical paper titled, “The Three M’s of Delivering Powders to Compounding Extruders: Maximizing Uptime, Minimizing Dust Exposure and Maintaining Accuracy with Properly Designed Pneumatic Conveying Systems”.  When moving powders to extrusion processes it is important to focus on maximizing five core competencies:

  1. Process accuracy
  2. Ingredient cost savings over time
  3. Plant and personnel health and safety
  4. Process equipment life
  5. End-product quality

Each is a critical component when properly defining and designing pneumatic conveying systems for compounding and continuous extrusion lines. VAC-U-MAX focuses on key design considerations for bulk material delivery including powder characteristics like bulk density and flowability, conveying rates, distances, material characteristics, and feeder control interface. Extrusion systems require raw materials that come in all shapes, forms and chemistries. While pneumatically transporting pellets is a relatively simple operation, the transport and accurate feeding of powders is a challenge and if not properly defined and designed, may lead to poor quality products, increased downtime, and unsafe processing environments. 

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