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Bag Dump Stations

With Integrated Dust Collection, Empty Bag Compaction, and LoadLifter(TM)

When material must be dumped from bags, Vac-U-Max bag dump stations provide operators with a means for doing so at a convenient level, with less chance of material spillage and with provision for evacuation of any dust that may result from the dumping.


  • Engineered for easy cleaning.
  • "Unitized" body is fabricated with fewest possible welds. All interior bends are minimum 1/8" radius and the few corner welds are ground to not less than 1/8" radius.
  • Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel or carbon steel.
  • Body is supported by separate, strong frame made from square tubing. No crevices for material to accumulate.
  • Sturdy, easily removable grate provides rigid surface for bag slitting and dumping, ample open area for material to drop into body.
  • Magnetic grate to retain unwanted ferrous material can be furnished.
  • Body has integral dust hood with gas spring assisted lift-up door. Can be furnished with integral dust collector; air actuated low pressure valve with tubular outlet to connect more than one station to remote dust collection system; or plain tubular outlet.
  • Baffle inside hood directs air and dust downward and to the rear and is removable for cleaning without requiring tools.
  • Integral dust collector features bags which hook and snap in place and are serviced from the clean side. No glued-in gaskets, even on the large access door. Dual pulse filter cleaning.
  • Door interlock switch actuates dust collector fan or low pressure valve on hood when door is opened.
  • Discharge can be furnished with: flanged outlet or other arrangement to mate to customer's process equipment or gravity chute; exclusive Vac-U-Max pickup adapter with air control slide valve and intake filter to introduce material into a vacuum pneumatic conveying system; chisel bottom screw discharger, with or without flexible walls; rotary airlock valve; or rotary agitated discharger.
  • Vibrator mount is standard on the body. Vibrator is optional.
  • Units available with special features meeting USDA requirements.


Bag Dump Stations

VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Conveying System using a bag dump station as the pick up point