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VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Conveyors

VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Conveyors and Filter Receivers

VAC-U-MAX Mini Hopper, MDL105030

VAC-U-MAX Mini Hopper with a nominal capacity of about 1/8 cubic foot will convey material up to 500 pounds per hour. It is great for use with recycling dry products in bakeries, loading tablet presses and also for use in loading low rate filling machines for the packaging industry. Features include 1.25” or.5” diameter inlet, power source is plate mounted single venturi power unit with integral control panel with timer, 316L stainless steel, manufactured to meet USDA dairy and food inspection standards.


The VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Conveyor Package includes a pick up wand, convey hose, vacuum receiver with filter and filter cleaning and a vacuum source. These small vacuum receivers are designed to convey up to 1500 pounds per hour (rate is dependent upon material characteristics and operator performance). The MDL205011 Series is great for loading filling machines for the packaging industry, refilling volumetric feeders, loading tablet presses, extrusion molding machines, recycling food systems, loading small mix tanks. Vacuum Receivers are designed for free and non-flowing materials. USDA and Pharmaceutical, “Sanitary”, construction is also available.

VAC-U-MAX MDL105017 & MDL105018

These vacuum receivers offer great system versatility. At 1 cubic and 2 cubic foot capacity they are great for refilling volumetric feeders and Loss in Weight feeders. With convey rate capabilities up to 5000 pounds per hour (rate is dependent upon material characteristics) they can be joined with the VAC-U-MAX Venturi Power Units, VAC-U-MAX Regenerative Blower Package or the VAC-U-MAX Positive Displacement Vacuum Pump Package. Standard Features include: 70degree cone, replaceable inlet assembly and suspension frame. Filter configurations are the VAC-U-MAX Uni-Filter or the VAC-U-MAX Multi-Filter Assemblies. Discharge valve options are full opening discharge valves, butterfly valves and rotary valves.

VAC-U-MAX 12x22 Tube Hopper, MDL105048

This VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Receiver is a Straight-Sided Hopper for fast efficient handling of dry materials in a vacuum system.

Especially Suited for Non-Free Flowing Materials

The straight wall configuration terminates in an automatic discharge valve the same size as the tube. This permits rapid passage of even the most difficult to handle non-free flowing material. With extremely short discharge cycle, conveying is virtually continuous, speeding loading or batch transfer. With no angular surfaces where material can bridge or hang up, discharge is positive and normally does not require auxiliary vibration or agitation. The conveying operation is quiet, even with tough materials.

VAC-U-MAX MDL105025, 22" Diameter Vacuum Receivers

The VAC-U-MAX 22” Diameter Vacuum Receivers offers one of the most versatile systems in vacuum conveying. Sizes of the vacuum receivers range from 4 cubic foot in capacity to 10 cubic foot in capacity. Many configurations are available including batch weighing, explosion vents for explosive materials, rotary discharge valves, and large multi filter arrangements offering up to 100 square feet of filter. Other standard features include steep 70degree cone, full opening or butterfly discharge valves, removable material inlets, vibrator mount, rim out design offers no glued in gaskets and a suspension frame for easy installation. Available in Carbon Steel and 304 Stainless Steel and also in USDA Accepted “Sanitary” construction.

VAC-U-MAX Large Diameter Vacuum Receivers

The VAC-U-MAX Large diameter vacuum receiver range in size from 10 cubic foot in capacity to 500 cubic foot. Standard sizes are 30” diameter, 36” diameter and 48” diameter. These are custom made vacuum receivers built specifically for your application to maximize convey rate, filter area, batch size just to name a few. Constructed in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. Call the factory for more details at 1-800-VAC-U-MAX.