VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Conveying Systems for Bulk Dry Powders

Pneumatic Conveying Batch Weigh Systems

VAC-U-MAX combines modern computerized technology with innovative mechanical and pneumatic design to produce ingredient handling systems that not only free operators of physical effort but also perform sophisticated pneumatic conveying operations with little human assistance.

Each system we design is custom engineered for the application parameters provided by the customer, to ensure that the system will perform to exact requirements.

The system conveys three different ingredients from drums to the weigh hopper and automatically batches them to precise weights, in various preprogrammed formulations. They are then automatically discharged into a surge hopper and adapter spout, which can be rotated to load any of three mixing tanks. A micro-processor-based control panel provides the flexibility to add, change or delete formulations as required.

As a U.L. listed builder and supplier of electrical control panels and PCL's, VAC-U-MAX has the experience and expertise, which allows us to meet your process requirements.

Accurate sophisticated, economical, yet simple to operate systems, put you in control of the process.

Multi-Ingredient handling and weighing in conjunction with pneumatic conveying is an increasingly common requirement in today's marketplace.

At VAC-U-MAX, we have redefined the process for ingredient weighing while pneumatically conveying multiple products throughout a plant.

Engineered Material Management Experience VAC-U-MAX multi-Ingredient handling and weighing systems offer "high-tech" state-of the art Programmable Logic Controllers, which accurately and reliably measure and process weight signals.

Utilizing state-of-the art controls technology, VAC-U-MAX engineers are able to provide customers with automatic and accurate control of material needed for any type weigh and convey operation. Whether a formulation calls for 2 lbs. of Sugar or 2,000 Ibs, being fed into a mixer, our ingredient handling weigh systems are easy to operate and control.

The art of 'Batch Weighing" as coined by VAC-U-MAX nearly forty years ago, has become synonymous in the world of material handling. Only VAC-U-MAX has redefined the technology for batch weighing, using Loss-in-Weight and Gain-in-Weight methods for accurate material transfer.


  • Reliable consistency all the time.
  • Intelligent ingredient management.
  • Totally enclosed dust-free operation.
  • Automatic batch counting and weighing of material.
  • Computerized keyboard or touch screen entry of all functions: set points, feed rates, calibration, etc.
  • Operator initiated cycling of system with alternate tie into computer control for programmed discharging.
  • Control system can be located in remote area of plant away from production machinery.
  • System can be configured to control a wide range of batch weighing receivers and other process equipment.
  • Computer and printer interface to report a variety of functions from date, operator ID, batch weight, formulation, sequence number, and much more.
  • Stored Recipes


Pneumatic Conveying Batch Weigh Systems

1. Single Vacuum Receiver Batch Weigh System. Operator Manually selects weight in control panel and prompts system to discharge.

Pneumatic Conveying Batch Weigh Systems

2. Multiple Receiver Batch Weigh System. System can be manually operated or automated through a PLC.

Pneumatic Conveying Batch Weigh Systems

3. Multi Ingredient Handling System. Convey drum drums, bulk bags and silos. Control Panel is pre-programmed with pre-set recipes or operator manually selects weights for each ingredient.

Pneumatic Conveying Batch Weigh Systems

4. Loss-In-Weight Batch Weigh System. Bulk Bag Unloader is on load cells. Material is discharged in the convey tubing with a VAC-U-MAX Screw Discharger for delivery of product to vacuum receiver.

Pneumatic Conveying Batch Weigh Systems

5. Loss-In-Weight Batch Weigh System. Material is conveyed to the vacuum receiver in a Gain-In-Weight mode. When vacuum receiver has acheived desired weight the mode will change to Loss-In-Weight and the Screw Discharger on the vacuum receiver will meter the desired amount of material into the process below.