VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Conveying Systems for Bulk Dry Powders

Tube Hopper Material Receivers

For those Hard-to-Handle Powders and Bulk Solids

VAC-U-MAX provides over 65 years of application expertise in handling over 10,000 powders and bulk materials, providing pneumatic conveying solutions for even the hardest-to-handle dry bulk solids including materials with high fat, high moisture content such as dry-powdered dairy, fibrous materials such as hemp or smokeless tobacco, lightweight materials that do not discharge from conical vessels, and materials prone to bridging and ratholing.

VAC-U-MAX’s straight-sided Tube Hopper material receivers are especially suited for non-free flowing materials, with rapid discharge rates minimizing non-conveying time, while providing higher transfer rates. The straight wall, no edge, no ledge design, terminates in an automatic discharge valve the same size as the tube, allowing rapid discharge of even the most difficult to handle materials.

Designed in stainless steel or carbon steel, in standard or sanitary construction, Tube Hopper material receivers feature short discharge cycles where conveying is virtually continuous, speeding up the loading and batch transfer step.

No external vibration or agitation is required, with receivers operable via positive displacement vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers, or VAC-U-MAX’s exclusive air-operated venturi units.

Every VAC-U-MAX pneumatic conveying system can be a closed system, eliminating product contamination, loss via waste, and unnecessary housekeeping. Vacuum operation allows the material to be drawn directly from containers, eliminating messing scooping, lifting, dumping, and stair-climbing. Vacuum transfer is dust-free with any leakage inward, unlike positive pressure vacuum conveying where leaks are outward.

VAC-U-MAX vacuum receivers offer simple operation with few moving parts, with minimal maintenance and downtime. Material is drawn from drums, bags, totes, bag dump stations, feed bins, bulk bags, or other similar containers. For more information or to put your material to the test in VAC-U-MAX’s fully equipped test lab fill out REQUEST FOR QUOTE.