VAC-U-MAX Vacuum Conveying Systems for Bulk Dry Powders

Vacuum Conveyor for Hot Melt Glue Chips

Hot melt adhesives have increased production, reduced waste and costs, and improved product appearance throughout industry.

Supplied in solid pellet form hot melts or glue chips are traditionally stored in small-capacity containers or cartons. For use in packaging or product assembly the pellets are manually emptied into a hopper directly above the melt tank or adhesive applicator. Operators, are exposed to fumes and splashes of hot molten glue.

To eliminate manual pellet handling, Vac-U-Max has, developed a line of vacuum conveyors both air and electric operated which provide continuous direct, transfer of the pellets to the point of use. The conveying method eliminates adhesive spillage and waste, banishes empty pellet packaging from the production area, and creates a safer environment. It allows users to benefit from the cost effectiveness and strategic advantages related to storage and handling.

Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying automatically draws the pellets from a storage container or carton at a predetermined controlled rate, (utilizing a vacuum powered source) and delivers them directly to the melt tank of each adhesive applicator, or to a central hopper serving multiple applicators.


Pneumatic vacuum conveying of hot melt adhesive pellets from storage containers to point of use ensures:

  • Automatic applicator tank refill
  • Elimination of applicator burnouts due to lack of adhesive
  • Convenience of remote storage
  • Elimination of packaging debris entering melter
  • Elimination of small-scale adhesive containers
  • Protection of operators from exposure to hot molten adhesive
  • Low initial cost
  • Simple to install
  • Space Saving


As an option an automatic level sensing switch can be incorporated to measure the level of pellets in the surge hopper to ensure consistent continuous operation.

  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Bookbinding
  • Woodworking
  • Product assembly
  • Telecommunications cabling
  • Converting

Test Facilities

A full-scale testing facility at the Vac-U- Max plant in Belleville, NJ provides actual testing of the product before purchasing of the equipment. Customers are urged to submit sample material for testing to ensure that the product meets their requirements.


Venturi Powered Air Unit Model 105110-01

Receiver Capacity .25 cu /ft
Electrical Voltage 115 Volts. 60 Hz: 1 Phase
Vacuum Source Air Operated Single Venturi
Material Inlet Size 1.5" Outside Diameter
Conveying Capacity 600 lbs./hr. @ 50 ft.

Electric Blower Driven Unit Model 105110-02

Receiver Capacity .25 cu /ft
Electrical Voltage 115 Volts. 60 Hz: 1 Phase
Vacuum Source Single Phase Vacuum Unit
Material Inlet Size l.5" Outside Diameter
Conveying Capacity 600 lbs./hr. @ 50 ft.


Vacuum Conveyor for Hot Melt Glue Chips

Optional stand for mounting conveyor