Bin Activators

Pulsonic Bin Activators

A Pulsonic Bin Activator system has two parts:

  1. an INJECTOR consisting of a compressed air reservoir with a solenoid operated release valve, and
  2. a PROGRAMMER for controlling the pattern of multiple instantaneous air bursts from the injectors.

A Pulsonic system consists of a single programmer and one or more injectors. The overall system features simplicity of design, solid state reliability, efficient and versatile operation, low energy consumption and low initial and installation costs with little, if any, maintenance.

PULSONICS offers 3 version of the bin activator system:


  • A 1/4" injector with High Pressure Air Tank
  • For vessels 2 feet in diameter or smaller


  • A 3/4" injector with High Pressure Air Tank
  • For vessels 2-4 feet in diameter


  • A 1 1/2" injector with High Pressure air tank
  • Used in bins larger then 6 feet

GUARANTEE The Pulsonic Bin Activator System must perform to your complete satisfaction or it may be returned for full credit.


  • Instantly clears bins, hoppers and other mass flow devices of compacted solids. Removes disruptive materials from channels, ducts or recesses.
  • Effectively breaks up arching, bridging, clinging and other flow problems, restoring free flow even with the most difficult materials.
  • Introduces multiple instantaneous sonic air bursts directly into compacted material to instantly restore flow...without severe shock and vibration methods that often damage hoppers.