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1. What is the product is to be conveyed?

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6. What are the conveying distances?

7. How many 90° bends are required?

8. From how many locations will material be transferred from? One or More?

9. Material to be transferred is in:

10. What is the Instantaneous Conveying Rate of the system in pounds per hour?

11. How many delivery points will material be delivered to? One, two, or more?

12. What is the equipment in to which the material will be delivered?

13. What is the size of the opening on the equipment to be fed?

14. How much headroom do you have over equipment to be fed?

15. Will our equipment be subjected to fumes, heat or vapor emitted from the equipment being fed?

Only during loading operation or continuously?

16. Construction material for system components in contact with material?

17. Electrical power available?

18. Plant compressed air available?

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