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VAC-U-MAX MDL1040PD Central Vacuum Cleaning System

Item #: MDL1040PD

VAC-U-MAX MDL1040PD offers a flexible design optimized for indoor installation, longer vacuuming times and filter life, and a performance guarantee, making it more than a cleaning system - it’s a business asset. System conforms to NFPA Combustible Dust Standards for indoor installation and is engineered for 100% more suction power, outperforming any compact industrial vacuum cleaner of its kind—and supports up to 3 operators at one time. 

Standard Equipment

VAC-U-MAX Model 1040PD Central Vacuum Cleaning System
• Available in 10HP and 15HP Versions
• Quiet Positive Displacement Pump Never Runs Out of Vacuum
• 1 to 3 Operators at One Time
• Pulse Filter Cleaning and HEPA Filtration
• Plug-and-Play Design with Full UL-Certified Control Panel
• Compact Footprint Fits in Crowded Factories
• Made in the USA with 5-year Warranty